Our operating model

We offer our clients comprehensive wealth management based on their wishes, objectives and risk tolerance – backed up with extensive reporting.

Our aim is to find the best investment managers and the most efficient passive investment vehicles for our clients through our in-house Manager Selection process. We do not have our own equity or fixed income funds in our solutions.

We always offer wealth management tailored to objectives and overall situation.

What do we look for in our selection process?

Rule #1

Historically strong returns are not a sufficient criterion for selection, and interpretations based on individual periods should not be relied upon

Rule #2

Understanding the underlying return and risk drivers – from where and how has the historical return been achieved?

Rule #3

Performance in different market environments – in which environments and situations has the strategy performed strongly and poorly?

Rule #4

Taking into account and understanding the portfolio’s investment targets – “what does the situation look like under the hood”?

Rule #5

Understanding the investment process, strategy, and the investment team’s competitive advantage, consistency, and repeatability.

Rule #6

The structure, history, experience, resources, and commitment of portfolio management and the investment team – have there been or are there significant changes occurring?

Rule #7

The compatibility of the strategy, investment style, and investment targets with our broader solutions.

Rule #8

Systematic monitoring and continuous communication with the selected targets and teams – we are never fully satisfied with our choices.

Rule #9

Good luck and real skill can look very similar in hindsight.

Rule #10

A thorough understanding of costs, often there is a cheaper passive alternative available – we only want to pay for quality.

76 % of our current active managers have outperformed the relevant ETF alternative during a 3-year period. (02/2023)*


*The benchmark indices are based on the fund’s own benchmark index and/or the benchmark index of the fund’s peer group. All comparisons are made in EUR and taking into account fund charges. 

Professional portfolio management and experienced asset managers at your side

We have +10 years of experience in manager selection, during which we have built up deep networks with leading players in the industry.

Our solutions are always focused on our clients’ interests and objectives. We are not afraid to use passive alternatives in our solutions, when they add value for our clients.

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As our client, you will have access to the CapMan Wealth reporting portal, which provides a comprehensive overview of your investments in one place. Investments, such as funds, are opened up to the positions below, making it easier to for example, spot overlaps.