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For fund managers and fund distributors

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Interested in engaging with us regarding your fund or fund offering?


We receive a large number of approaches, offers and interest from fund managers to review their selected funds or fund offerings. Unfortunately, we often do not have the necessary amount of time to review and reply to all of these.


We are always interested in receiving said approaches and we are continuously researching and reviewing new and interesting funds and managers. However, to ensure that we are able to treat all offers and approaches of funds and managers equally, while still being able to review these in a structured and timely manner – please see below instructions.


These instructions act as guidance for the best way and our desired approach of engaging with us and ensuring we have most of the necessary and adequate information for an efficient, equal and structured review of your selected funds:

Please send us an email regarding your fund or fund offering of interest containing preferably the following information and resources (to &

  • Basic information regarding the fund, strategy, and team
    • Such as name, ISIN, Fund Structure, Size (AUM) of fund and team, Manager/s information (short bio and history of the management), philosophy, target market/region, strategy style and key characteristics (e.g. # holdings, turnover, active share), key performance and risk statistics, drivers of performance.
  • Fund and strategy general materials
    • eg. Presentation/Pitchbook, Monthly Reports, investment commentaries.
  • Standard RFP for fund
  • Longer-term performance attributions and contributions
  • Other materials or resources that you deem relevant and important for us to review at an early stage

Further information to keep in mind when engaging with us


Once we have had adequate time to review the fund, strategy, and the relevant shared resources, we will be in further contact to setup initial meetings if necessary and of interest for us.


We operate primarily with a business model in which we are paid by our clients and not target funds we invest with, hence for our selection of investment targets our clients and portfolios objectives and best interest is of essence. We do not typically answer the phone in relation to new funds or approaches (otherwise we would be stuck on the phone most of the days), so it is not necessary to call for follow-ups frequently. Furthermore, we always meet with the relevant funds managers or investment team members as part of our selection process and prefer face-to-face meetings, hence we are more than happy to facilitate meetings at our offices in Helsinki!


Thank you, we much appreciate your interest in us and engagement as we are always looking for great new funds and managers to work with!