Our House View is a curated view of the ever changing world of financial markets. Speaking with strategists, economists or analysts from one bank is not enough for us. We leverage the market views from trusted research houses, investment banks and portfolio managers across the world.

Research and market commentary from several trusted sources.

We meet a vast number of market specialists such as strategists, economists and analysts and build ourselves an aggregated view on how the market really thinks and positions itself.

Global markets and
financial news providers
around the world.

Our information edge comes from our ability to have an active dialogue with multiple trusted sources such as global investment banks, market data and news providers.

Active dialogue with leading portfolio managers across asset classes and markets.

We implement clients’ investment plans by using the best-performing active managers, most efficient passive vehicles and selected private market strategies otherwise out of reach for our clients.

We implement clients’ investment plans by using the best-performing active managers, most efficient passive vehicles and selected private market strategies otherwise out of reach for our clients.

Service models

We have dedicated investment advisory services for clients with strong interest and knowledge of markets and investing. We provide the same quality service also for clients wishing to delegate the day to day management to our team of investment professionals.
Both services are backed up by our team of seasoned industry specialist, our house view and state of the art investment instruments and analytics.

  • Wealth Advisory Service

    We provide comprehensive, fully tailored investment advice for clients who wish to interact and discuss investment alternatives and markets with our seasoned specialists.

    Our team has a long history for advising entrepreneurs, family offices, foundations and pension funds, providing them with active advice on investment strategy, asset allocation, ESG integration, portfolio optimization and instrument selection with full access to outstanding active managers, private market opportunities, direct bonds and best ETF’s. Our unique portfolio reporting solution allows in-depth analyses and consolidation of all holdings.

  • Discretionary Portfolio Management

    For clients wishing to delegate investment decisions to us, we offer discretionary portfolio management solutions where we manage investments based on agreed guidelines, targets and risk limits.

    Our House View form the strategy foundation which is then implemented by using the outstanding managers and efficient ETF’s that we have identified. In addition to a public markets portfolio, we recommend long-term investors to implement also a private markets strategy to complement traditional public markets only investments. We provide industry leading portfolio reporting and an online portal, a House View publication and regular interaction with our clients.


The foundation for successful wealth management is based on the capability to aggregate and understand clients’ full situation in an efficient manner.

We have a unique capability to provide reporting and advice on our clients’ full holdings. Since 2012 we have developed our reporting tool, the X-Ray. The reporting services are today offered through a separate company, JAY Solutions.


We believe sustainability is a return and risk driver in long-term investing and thus, it should be integrated in all investment decisions.

Our team has a long history of advising family offices, foundations and institutions on ESG investment strategy and implementation. Our ESG investment experts and dedicated ESG working group covers both public and private market developments in the area.

  • ESG integration and implementation from investment strategy to individual instrument level
  • Portfolio-level sustainability reporting
  • In-depth ESG instrument analyses down to underlying positions for public market instruments, including ESG Scoring with Sustainalytics data, fund holdings analysed on a company level, carbon risks and involvement (e.g. fossil fuel, arctic oil and gas and thermal coal), sustainable products and product involvement (e.g. thermal coal, tobacco and controversial weapons)
  • Selection of the most efficient and well-constructed ESG ETF’s and close interaction with the leading ETF providers
  • Selection of outstanding sustainable funds with clear ESG processes and portfolios to target e.g. climate change and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)
  • Sustainable Discretionary Portfolio Management service
  • Access to leading Impact investing opportunities from Micro Finance to Blue Bonds
  • Member of Finland’s Sustainable Investment Forum (FINSIF) and signatory of  United Nations Principles of Responsible Investing (UNPRI)
  • Read more about our Sustainable Investment Policy